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You now have an option to join the zoom meeting from our VTS platform (using Firefox) with the below button

Or you can join the zoom meeting from your own account (using any browser) with the button below. 


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When requesting or responding to a meeting with a supplier, you can now select the associate you would like conduct the meeting with. 

Associates are able to edit their calendar to show their availability.


If you do not see the associates name, they are either not available or scheduled with another retailer. 

This option is only available if the supplier has set up their additional users

Customize Meeting Emial Notification

You will receive an email from the VTS platform reminding you that you have a scheduled meeting that day. 


You can now add multiple emails to receive this reminder.

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View Suppliers Wishlist

When a supplier creates a wishlist for you, you can now access it through your dashboard. 

This is in addition to receiving an email with the wishlist.

What's a Wishlist: The suppliers are able to select items off of the showcase that they feel would be best for you. Once they have selected these items they are able to share it with you.

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Supplier wishlist.jpg

See what wishlists suppliers have sent you by using the drop menu