Dear CBG Retailer Family,

As you know, we have been closely monitoring the status of the Pandemic. Given the uncertainty of the situation, we collected a formal tally to hear your thoughts on attending a physical show in October.

The results are as follows:


  • 30% Confirmed as attending.

  • 60% Would not feel comfortable attending a show.

  • 10% Have not responded.

Based on these results we have now cancelled
the October 2020 Orlando CBG Show.


During our calls with you, we shared our plans for a CBG Virtual Show and you were all very excited about moving forward with this. We are thrilled about the endless possibilities ownership of this virtual platform will offer to the CBG membership. Nothing will ever take the place of in person interactions, but with everyone's health and safety in consideration, we have decided to invest in our own private virtual platform.

We actually started developing this platform months ago since we felt it would be an excellent tool for our retailers and suppliers to stay connected in between shows. We have worked diligently with K from Bluestar, to ensure that the platform is extremely easy for our retailers to navigate. You will have access to the platform prior to the Virtual Show so that you may review products, and schedule appointments. The process of making and accepting appointments is amazingly simple. You will also have extended access to schedule meetings using the platform through the end of 2020.

We have participated in several demos so far, and the technology is very user friendly and lifelike. Since this will be our own platform, we will be able to have a huge amount of flexibility and unlimited options as well as added security.
We will begin with beta testing with a small group of our retailers and suppliers towards the end of August. If these beta tests go well, we will host our first CBG Virtual Show on September 22-25, 2020. Considering all of our west coast suppliers and retailers, we will be extending the hours to accommodate those time zones as well.

We appreciate the support of every retailer, as your participation is crucial to making our first virtual show a success. If you would like to participate in a beta test, please contact the office and we will schedule a demo.

Please contact the office with any questions or comments.

Andie, Joe, & Estelle


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"I think you guys made a really great decision. As much as I miss everyone, the time for restraint is now."

- Ronda Daily - Bremer Jewelry

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