Please see below an excerpt from my letter to our suppliers.


".... You will note that I addressed the issue of suppliers harassing retailers in the aisles during our shows. Our goal is always for our retailers to have a pleasant experience when attending CBG shows and such practices are not acceptable at a CBG Show."

Please also see below an excerpt from the supplier survey results and my responses. 

We tackled participants in the isles. Some gave a little resistance. We generally overcame this resistance with kindness.

Estelle’s response: This is a big “no no”! I have mentioned that this behavior is not acceptable at a CBG Show in my “Tell Estelle” column on more than one occasion. I had to address this due to complaints received from retailers. Please read the retailer comments so you can see for yourself how retailers feel about this behavior. They avoid such suppliers like the plague. You do not want to be “THAT” supplier. Please see Retailer Survey Results for retailer complaining about this.

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