We genuinely wanted to thank all those who attended or sent representation to the CBG Vegas 2021 Show. We could not have moved forward without your commitment. The vibe and energy throughout the course of the show was off the charts. It really cannot be described in words. As the saying goes “you had to be there.”  After being apart for so long, we knew it would be amazing, but this CBG show will go down in history as the best CBG show to date! It far exceeded our expectations.

In March, Joe “rolled the dice” and made the decision, based on member feedback, to move forward with a live, in person show in Vegas. We were unable to line up with the JCK Show in late August, but many retailers expressed that August was just too late to first start planning and buying for fourth quarter and that they would prefer to attend a show in June.

There were so many unknowns at the time and little did we know how important this show would be for our suppliers and retailers. With vaccinations progressing at record speeds, by the time we got to Vegas, the state of Nevada had opened to 100% capacity, no social distancing, and masks optional!

Still, we proceeded with caution and enlisted ImHealthyToday to conduct health screenings so that our attendees would feel confident that they would be in a safe environment.

The energy throughout the event was over the top. The pent-up demand for a live show, had our CBG retailers eager to meet with our suppliers and each other. It may have been a smaller show, but we still maintained a 1:1 buyer to supplier ratio, and there were no distractions of competing trade shows. CBG was literally “the only game in town.”

For the first time in CBG History, we invited 12 qualified guests to attend the show. We strategically seated them at breakfast with different retailers who shared their positive experiences as CBG members. As a result, we have added 9 new retailers to our family. They were so impressed with our membership, that they joined on site. The guests expressed how friendly the retailers were as they met several during the lunches and cocktail hours. We wanted to send a big THANK YOU to our retailers for showing the CBG love to our guests and helping us grow our family.

Coming off an amazing CBG show in Vegas, we plan to keep the momentum going with our upcoming CBG Tampa RETREAT and Show in Tampa. During the General meeting, I shared our plans of the new format for the Tampa Retreat. I have been brainstorming and we are on a mission to bring our entire family closer together.

This will be unlike any previous show CBG has hosted. NOW more than ever, we understand how important it is for all of us, to RECONNECT, REUNITE and RECHARGE!  We will be planning several new and interactive activities during our retreat to bring everyone closer together.

The JW Marriott in Tampa is luxurious. The construction was recently completed so we will be the first group to have an event on the property.

I can promise you, that our first CBG Retreat is going to be EPIC.

Don’t worry, we will be keeping you updated but for now, book your flights!

Tampa is just a few months away and you do not want to miss this!

​See you soon... and thank you so much for all your calls, emails and prayers.

Until then,


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