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    That moment when you are still collecting a weekly paycheck, have received a Stimulus check from the government, yet you realize you have nowhere to spend it.

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    43 years in the Jewelry Industry and I thought I had seen it all.

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Brandy, Kingston Fine Jewelry 

The virtual show was a huge success for me (and I think for my vendors - Eli-Ron could not thank me enough for making him do it!).  Taking the four days off to work from home and dedicate to the show ended up being super important.  As is the case when I am physically at the show, the only problem was that I did not have enough time lol.  I only had one vendor miss an appointment and they have already reached out to me after I used the message part of the platform and we are going to talk next week.


Eva Michelle, Spicer Greene

I hope vendors will put more in their showcases before Jan. That would be soooo amazing to have one login for everything.I have been using the showcase to source things before holiday! It would be so helpful for vendors to get their entire lines in there! It simplifies sourcing and could be a one stop shop!!As much as I love the show book, I love this even more! It’s so easy to sort by color, gold, etc.

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