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At Harold Jaffe Jewelers, you'll be welcomed with open arms, warm cookies, and Cooper, the stores adorable and fluffy mascot!

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Harold Jaffe Jewelers

Located in Toledo, Ohio, Harold Jaffe Jewelers is truly one of a kind! Founded in 1946, founder Harold was the “watchmaker’s watchmaker.” He knew fine watches and how to service them. Jewelry also played an important segment of his business, but not just any jewelry. Harold prided himself on offering only unique and distinctive pieces.

Today, Harold Jaffe jewelers is still family owned, and the Jaffe family continues the tradition of offering a wide selection of fine jewelry and imported timepieces. Their store includes an experienced staff who sell and service the finest Swiss watches, as well as knowledgeable gemologists who will help you match mountings and gems that complement each other perfectly. From sales associates to craftspeople, their entire staff is dedicated to one purpose: to meet their customers wants and needs in a warm, family atmosphere. Fine Jewelry and gemstones represent love, relationships, and special accomplishments, and the customers of Harold Jaffe Jewelers deserve nothing but the best. If you are ever in the Toledo, Ohio area, do not hesitate to check them out!
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