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In 2016, the Branham's family had the opportunity to give back to their community by purchasing the old Norman's building. The Branham's team took a building that had been a controversial site for quite a number of years and turned it into a landmark destination for the Sunrise Side.

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Branham's Jewelry

Branham's Jewelry, with two locations in East Tawas and West Branch, Michigan, has been celebrating love stories for almost 60 years! Owners Ken and Joyce followed in their parents footsteps when they both joined the team early on in their careers. It was both a tremendous family and team effort that helped build Branham’s Jewelry into what it is today.

Branham's Jewelry offers the finest jewelry from all over the world. Their mission has always been a tradition of trust, high ethical standards, knowledge of their jewelry products and services, fair pricing and value to all their customers.

Even though this year looked much different than normal, Branham's made the best of the situation by offering what they call “Curbside Christmas” in their efforts to make Christmas shopping easy, safe, and convenient. They have been using their social media to their advantage by posting the different products they are selling and sales they are having to keep their customers in the know during a time when few customers actually want to shop in person. We love watching our wonderful CBG retailers make the best of any situation during such trying times.
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