Retailer Dashboard FAQ's

How do I register my buyer?

Once the owner / manager is registered, additional users can be added from the side menu on your dashboard.

Where can I view my purchase orders?


All order information will be available on your dashboard.


Can I create a wish list?

Yes, all items uploaded to a supplier showcase can be added to wish list. Select the heart on the product to add to your wish list. Each supplier showcase will store your wish list and purchase order.

All Wish list items will be accessible on your dashboard.


Can I send a message to a fellow retailer or supplier?

​Yes, there is a messaging widget. You can create a chat with retailer and suppliers. Simply look up the retailer / supplier and select Send Message to initiate a chat with them.

Can I invite a guest?

Guests can be invited but will require Prior Approval by the CBG office. Guest are allowed to make a profile to view the supplier showcases. Guests can not make appointments or use the messaging system until approved by the CBG office.


Meeting FAQ's


How do I schedule an appointment / meeting?

There are 2 ways to schedule a meeting.

1. Suppliers will send you an invitation, once you accept, a meeting link will be sent to you. You simply click the link at the scheduled time and the meeting will start.

2. Retailers can also request a meeting by searching for the supplier and selecting the ADD APPOINTMENT button. The request will be sent to the supplier for approval. Once approved, a meeting link will be sent to you, you simply click the link at the scheduled time and the meeting will start. You can also request a meeting from the supplier show case. The button is located at the top of the page.

How many meetings can I have in a day?

​There is no limit to how many meetings a Retailers may have.


Individual meetings do max out at 1 hour.

My meeting went over an hour, how do I extend my meeting?

​Meetings will automatically finish after 60 minutes. To continue, simple request a new meeting to get a new meeting link.

Can the CBG team join my meeting?

​Yes, the CBG team can join you in the meeting. The supplier / host will have to approve the request.

Where can I view my pending and scheduled appointments?

​Your appointments can be accessed from your main dashboard. We have a section for Pending Invitation to Meetings and Upcoming Meetings.

Can 2 retailers (different companies) sit in the same meeting with a supplier at the same time?

Yes, you simply share your meeting link with another CBG retailer through the messaging system. 

To get the link, simply access your scheduled meetings in your dashboard and click "Meeting URL" a new tab will open with the meeting page. Copy the URL at the top and share with whom ever you wish to have participate in the meeting with you. They must be an authorized CBG member.

How do I know when a requested meeting has been approved?

You will receive a confirmation email and they will appear in your upcoming meeting list on your dashboard. 

How do I view a list of meetings I have requested?

Select MY MEETINGS on the your Dashboard to view all meetings.


To view upcoming meetings, select the calendar icon on the Upcoming Meetings box.

Can a retailer request a meeting with another retailer?

​No, Retailers can only have meetings with Suppliers. The Supplier will always be the host of the meeting.

Are meetings recorded? If I need to review my meeting can I re-watch it?

We will have recording in the future, but not at the first show


Showcase FAQ's

Will I be able to view a loose diamond / gemstone?

Yes, a full diamond search is available on the supplier showcase. You can search for a loose supplier by typing the word "loose" on the search bar on the supplier list.

Can I filter suppliers by type? i.e. loose, color, etc.

Yes, we have included a filter so it is easy to sort through the suppliers on the supplier list.

Can I view all product available without going to the supplier showcase?

No, product can only be viewed on the individual suppliers showcase. Each supplier will have their own list of products on their showcase. 

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