We are currently watching the Covid-19 situation across the country. The numbers across the country seem to be steadily decreasing. If this continues, we are confident there will be a CBG Show in the upcoming months.

As the world joins forces to contain the current
COVID-19 crisis, businesses are concerned with
customer optimism. The two foundations of customer
loyalty, trust and confidence, are being put to the
test. While we all hope this is a temporary situation,
anxiety is high, and people are scared. 


Our world is facing a very serious challenge with the spread of the coronavirus and our communities need each other now more than ever. It’s a unique time for retailers and suppliers to unite together!

Here are some creative social media post and programs to help your community, the jewelry industry, and your fellow CBG retailers during these times.


SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza and Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin today announced that the SBA and Treasury Department have initiated a robust mobilization effort of banks and other lending institutions to provide small businesses with the capital they need


Watch Webinars from GN Diamond, Jeweler of America, AGS, and more.

How do you Understand Legislation the Government is Passing?

It is extremely difficult to keep track of everything going on and what the government is passing. Today I took a webinar hosted by the NJCPA society and it was very informative and gave some great resource links as well. You can browse around and click on links that talk about the federal government. I am sure each state will have something similar.


JVC  has a section of their website dedicated to COVID-19 related stories. They will continue to update this page with important information that you may not find everywhere else.


Here are a few resources that clientbook has found and would like to share. Hopefully you find it useful.

Instore  has a section of our website dedicated to COVID-19 related stories. They will continue to update this page with info.


You need a web-based client management platform more than ever. Here's how to stay on top of the game by never losing that human connection.


From a concerned independent jeweler to the Retail Jewelry Community

To be extra safe, we are putting highest value goods in safe deposit boxes at the bank today.

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Safety Procedures

We recently sent out a survey to the CBG membership about how they are handling this situation.

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Consumers under economic stress will choose to sell their gold regardless of whether you choose to participate in what may become a robust secondary market, but as an honest, ethical broker, you can help them achieve their objective while simultaneously protecting them from unscrupulous players who may dramatically undervalue their jewelry.  


ARTICLE: Retail Jewelers in a Coronavirus World

I was listening to a podcast by RetailWire today and one on the listeners typed in on the comments section that she was “disgusted” at the idea of “non-essential” businesses being open.

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