EVA-MICHELLE: We work all the time, but we are off the grid when we are off. We would probably be wherever there is a boat we can sail. If we're here in town and had a day off, we'd be playing with our dogs or mountain biking or skateboarding. We're not hikers or campers, but we like to be outside.


EVA-MICHELLE: In marketing, we try to strike a balance. We let the community know we've been here for 94 years and we're not going anywhere. But we're bit your stuffy old jeweler. We're young and fun and we try to relay that in our advertising.


EVA-MICHELLE: I love art deco architecture. Asheville is a mecca for art deco buildings, second only to Miami. all the beauty around me is inspiring when i'm designing jewelry.


EVA-MICHELLE: We've been in business since 1926 in Asheville, and I love all the things the community lets us celebrate. We go to so many weddings, just because we sold them the engagement ring. Our friends are our customers.

ELLIOTT AND EVA-MICHELLE SPICER own Spicer Greene in Asheville, NC., formerly know as Wick and Green. They met at the GIA in Carlsbad, CA, and together purchased Eva-Michelle's family store from her parents ion 2014. In April, a mural they had painted on the side of their store with the words,"Love is not cancelled," drew positive attention online and within their community. Although they had been temporarily closed, they reported robust online sales and reopened on May 8.

Spicer Greene Jewelers

In 2014, Elliott and Eva-Michelle Spicer purchased Wick and Greene Jewelers from Eva-Michelle’s parents and embarked on a renovation of the art deco building that was once a gas station. The business is known for having the Carolinas’ largest selection of loose diamonds on display in the showroom, which are displayed in a grid format, similar to how shoppers would view diamonds on popular online platforms. Judges describe the store as contemporary and inviting, and beautiful inside and out.

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