2018 Supplier Rebates

Dear CBG Retailer Family,

We have diligently been collecting the total volume numbers from our retailers and suppliers. These are not just the numbers the suppliers who offer rebates do. This is TOTAL volume. It is very important for us to know the amount of merchandise our retailers are purchasing from our suppliers for several reasons.

  1. We cross check reported numbers between retailers and suppliers to ensure that there is no under reporting done by suppliers. We want to ensure that our retailers are getting the rebate percentages they have coming to them.

  2. We use this data for negotiating deals. This shows the prospective supplier how strong our group is, and how much our retailers support our suppliers.  “The Power of One”

  3. We use it as an answer to the comment “CBG is just a memo group” The numbers speak volumes, obviously the statement is “fake news”.

  4. We can also show existing suppliers that they will not be able to maintain a solid business with CBG retailers without complete support and participation is our shows.

  5. We can see if there is a problem with a certain supplier. Maybe they need our help, maybe they are beyond help. We will always try to determine if there is something we can do, especially if we believe that supplier has something great to offer.  As the saying goes, “survival of the fittest”

  6. We can help our retailers help one another. Many times, I receive calls from CBG retailers considering adding a CBG Supplier to their current mix. They often inquire as to which retailer they can speak to in the group to collect some feedback from. From these reports, I can see who may be able to help that retailer, so I would contact them to see if they would be willing to provide some feedback on a CBG supplier.



Having said all the above, this information is confidential, and the specifics of each retailer’s volume is NEVER shared. With your cooperation, we should have the numbers completed by mid to late March.


At that time, we will be providing you with the rebate percentages, which will also be posted on CBGI.ORG. To view the rebate page on cbgi.org, please login and click on "Suppliers" in the menu bar on top, when the page opens select Suppliers Rebate to see the percentages that have been submitted. Now you will be able to reference them all year.

The more we know….



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